Predict the amount of products that will be sold ahead to meet the demand; this is an utopia as well as the reason for overflowing warehouses full of unsold items or, worse, for lost sales opportunities due to less supply than demand.

With Futureclo, however, this is possible.

How to manufacturing on demand.

Thanks to an in-depth knowledge of the supply chain, as well as through a careful selection of the materials and processing techniques, it is possible to sell and produce only the quantity purchased by consumers.

It is not only the knowledge of the supply chain that ensures the success of this system: in fact, the application of 3D technology allows us, thanks to hyper realistic contents, to market not yet produced items to test customers and have an immediate feedback.

What follows is a realistic evaluation that allows large brands and small companies to know how the end user will react to the launch of a product and, if in doubt, which variants to produce.

Fashion on demand benefits.

Made to order could therefore play a key role, whether it is exploited in an initial research phase or used in the production phase. The resulting benefits, in fact, are not only in terms of sustainability, limiting waste and costs of unsold items, but also planning thanks to the possibility to bypass the uncertainty of demand by anticipating it.