Sustainability, 3D technology and made in Italy Futureclo is honored to announce the partnership with Brand Sease for the Sease x Sea Shepherd collection.

The Sease x Sea Shepherd collection

Sease x Sea Shepherd is a capsule collection dedicated to sustainability, a collection designed for the Sea Shepherd fleets, the guardians of the oceans, and intended to support the cause promoted by the NGO.

Fourteen products with high performance and refined details, nothing has been left to chance to ensure the traceability and sustainability of the entire process:

Sustainable materials

A careful selection, to certify the origin and development of each component, starting from the plastic waste collected in the oceans which, with the collaboration of Seaqual® and Majocchi, are converted into yarn before and into fabric after, ready to give life to new products that are not only sustainable but have also contributed to the protection of our seas.

3D Technology

An innovative approach that exploits 3D technology and with which Futureclo, digital and production partner, optimizes every phase, from design to production.

Thanks to this method, the waste of resources is drastically reduced; unlike the traditional manufacturing process, for example, prototyping and fitting take place entirely digitally, thus implying less waste of fabrics and, consequently, of chemicals used in the preparation, dyeing, treatment and washing of the same.

The use of 3D does not imply any limitation or reduction in quality; on the contrary, it guarantees sustainability and greater precision in the development of clothing.

Made in Italy manufacturing

In addition to the research of materials and the use of an innovative approach, production is also an element that within the collection contributes to the sustainability and traceability of the process.

The Sease x Sea Shepherd capsule collection, in fact, is the result of Italian know-how and local manufacturing, a certified supply chain which, with the support of the Futureclo production unit, guarantees each product the “made in Italy” quality.

This is Seas x Sea Shepherd

This is the collection that Sease dedicates to anyone who is committed to a better future and who wants to be part of the movement in defense of marine biodiversity, a collection that aims to promote awareness and raise funds for the NGO Sea Shepherd.

Discover the collection thanks to the 3D contents made by Futureclo. The 3D files that give rise to the physical products, in fact, allow anyone to interact with each item of the capsule collection in augmented reality (AR) and to admire the quality of the products thanks to the hyper-realistic contents!

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