Find out how Futureclo helps brands like maccapani to design in 3D.

The designer and daughter of art has just launched a new brand with her father's surname that speaks of multitasking and aware women, but above all of rebirth. Hers His

Futureclo has digitized the entire collection to make the creation process faster, waste-free and easier to use.

We have used our strengths and our technology to design the garments in 3D, resulting in photorealistic digital products for the brand and the possibility of seeing them in Augmented Reality.

This is just the first step towards complete integration with our business model and specific consultancy to accompany the customer towards the digital world.

3D Technology

An innovative approach that exploits 3D technology and with which Futureclo, digital and production partner, optimizes every phase, from design to production.

Thanks to this method, the waste of resources is drastically reduced; unlike the traditional manufacturing process, for example, prototyping and fitting take place entirely digitally, thus implying less waste of fabrics and, consequently, of chemicals used in the preparation, dyeing, treatment and washing of the same.

The use of 3D does not imply any limitation or reduction in quality; on the contrary, it guarantees sustainability and greater precision in the development of clothing.

Margherita says:

Finally, sustainability will also affect digital, in terms of savings strategy. As true digital natives, starting from the third collection, we will develop 3D prototyping and modeling with the Italian company Futureclo. This will allow the brand to minimize the use of physical raw materials and users of social channels to be able to actively participate in the choice of garments, calibrating production according to their preferences and choosing the variants of the different renders

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