Today we often talk about 3D technology, metaverse and augmented reality associated with fashion, but if we exclude the commercial aspect, are there any real benefits? Our answer is yes, below we will see which they are and how you can get them.

Advantage of using 3D modeling in fashion

There are many advantages deriving from the use of 3D technology since the very first production stage, here’s how you can save time, money and resources.

Less costs.

According to estimates, the manufacture of a prototype costs around 1,200 euros, excluding shipping and transport costs. Considering that there are many prototypes and tests before a sample will respect the characteristics of design, quality and fit, it is clear that the cost of traditional prototyping is high.

On the contrary, by the use of 3D prototyping, we are able to manufacture a sample that is perfect for design, quality and fit in a single step; all the samples and tests required by the traditional prototyping are bypassed.

3D technology, in fact, develops a digital sample taking information directly from the 2D model, allowing you to understand in real time if the technical sketch needs changes in order to make the subsequent manufacturing flawless.

Less time.

The steps that lead to the manufacturing of a sample are many and each of them requires different processing times. It starts with the first technical sketch and then is time to cut the fabric and sew; once the manufacturing is finished, it is time to ship the prototype to the customer for the test session, the outcome of which determines if there are changes to be made; if so, the prototyping process starts again.

With the use of 3D technology, all the cutting, sewing, shipping and testing phases are carried out only once. Until the virtual sample won’t respect the fit and design required, in fact, these steps take place digitally and in a very short time with, moreover, the possibility to immediately communicate any changes to the patternmaker and show the result to the designer in a few hours.

Less waste.

It is ascertained that the environmental impact of the textile industry is high and the attempt to reduce it is often limited to the use of the so-called sustainable materials, as if this could change the way.

As we have previously highlighted, 3D allows to considerably facilitate the manufacturing of products both in terms of costs and in terms of time thanks to the production of fewer samples, well 3D technology could be the tool that would allow to also reduce the waste generated by the industry.

A smaller number of prototypes, in fact, also implies a lower use of fabrics and consequently of chemical substances used in the preparation, dyeing, treatment and washing of the same. Even the fuel, necessary for the shipment and transport of the prototypes, would suffer a reduction as well as the patternmakers’ business travels that are generally necessary to adapt the items’ fit to the physical features of consumers all over the world.

Made in Italy manufacturing

In addition to the research of materials and the use of an innovative approach, production is also an element that within the collection contributes to the sustainability and traceability of the process.

The Sease x Sea Shepherd capsule collection, in fact, is the result of Italian know-how and local manufacturing, a certified supply chain which, with the support of the Futureclo production unit, guarantees each product the “made in Italy” quality.

This is Seas x Sea Shepherd

This is the collection that Sease dedicates to anyone who is committed to a better future and who wants to be part of the movement in defense of marine biodiversity, a collection that aims to promote awareness and raise funds for the NGO Sea Shepherd.

Discover the collection thanks to the 3D contents made by Futureclo. The 3D files that give rise to the physical products, in fact, allow anyone to interact with each item of the capsule collection in augmented reality (AR) and to admire the quality of the products thanks to the hyper-realistic contents!

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