How to launch a new product and avoid the over production problem.

The over production issue.

Overproduction, according to the most recent studies, is a huge part of the pollution problem in the textile industry but, to date, little is said about its burdensome for businesses in terms of economic and social sustainability.

Unsold products and overflowing warehouses, time, money and human resources wasted, that’s what the over production issue means for an established company, let alone for a brand that has just landed on the market.

What if we told you that it is possible to launch a new product avoiding the problem without, however, relinquish the made in Italy quality?

How to avoid the over production issue.

In Futureclo, we leverage innovative technologies and integrate them into the traditional production chain in order to solve, or limit, the problems that afflict the fashion system; the over-production is one of these and it is the goal we have achieved with Ginnibò, a well-known kids’ clothes retailer in Milan.

Ginnibò chose to launch its first brand with a limited edition capsule but, although the number of items was limited, the risk of overproduction, as with all new businesses, was tangible. The solution? A made in Italy economically, socially and environmentally sustainable collection. We have therefore designed a 360° sustainable collection with 3D technology that, developed from the paper pattern first, has allowed us to manufacture on-demand in Italy without waste nor excess.